A steak and ale pie

This weekend one of my best friend’s is visiting with her mother. I thought that Steak & Ale (Landlord, if you are curious) pie would be a great way to acquaint her mum to quintessential British cousin. Also, this was a great way to distract me from the looming of the moving date, the downsizing (am I trying to sell some of the furniture or do I just give it away? How many books can I take with me? What clothes will make the spring clean?), packing, storing, looking for work, looking for funding, depressing over the lack of both… hoping the plunge won’t be onto too cold a water.

On the plus side I sent out an email to an institution in Wakefield who I hope will point me in the right direction to organise Community groups baking activities and I have called a Man with a Van for a quote in driving us and our bits and bobs up north.

Moving back to pie… I made mine by stir-frying some thinly shopped shallots, adding some garlic and some braising steak. After a few minutes a good half bottle of Landlord, followed by tomato paste, chicken stock cube, fresh thyme, diced mushrooms and carrot. All cooked until the meat was tender.
For pastry I am using Smitten Kitchen’s delicious flacky pastry lid. If you have never made your pastry with sour cream you don’t know what you have been missing!


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