Long Division Seed Fund

Finding a new job, moving to a new town, meeting new people…
I guess that is the way most people usually approach this kind of thing.
I can’t stop having this back of the mind feeling that we are setting out into not much chartered waters here, flipping common sense on its head and not following the script.

We’ve met, by now, quite a lot of Wakefieldians (I am sticking with this word). A lot of these meetings were in person and quite a few, so far, only online.
I have to say that our impressions of people from and based in Wakefield could not be any better, Yorkshire is doing a great job in making us feel welcome.

We are moving in 5 weeks time. We have sorted out accommodation, which was quite serendipitous, as we met some lovely people looking for lodgers and will be renting a room in a beautiful house.

We will be fully embracing freelancing, artist lives and part-time income sources. We are focusing all our time and energy into creating, making, thinking, playing, exploring.

At the start of this crazy Wakefield adventure we set out to complete a very ambitious art project, which seems to be sprouting it’s own branches: we are ever so happy and proud to have had our proposal selected for this year’s Long Division Seed fund and to be given a chance to bring to light a concept that was great fun to develop – cue rest day-trip to Brighton that ended up being a full on brainstorming. Can’t complain of a work day by the sea.

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