A Manifesto for a New Wakefield

This year and for the first time in its history, the Long Division Festival, taking place in Wakefield over the 1st weekend of June, created a seed fund for artistic work to be developed in tandem with their music festival: The Seed Fund Programme falls under our project entitled “A Manifesto For A New Wakefield” and this is the theme we are looking for in the work. It does not need to be about Wakefield directly, but your work should have a proud Wakefield accent. What would a manifesto for the future look like in our city? What message would you add to it? You can reference the past and talk about where we are now but with an eye to the ideals of a New Wakefield.

I came across the brief a few weeks back, and was immediately taken by the idea behind it and how interesting it would be to be involved in it. Nick and I spent a few weekends working on our concept and proposal for the call out:

Life has a tendency not to follow plans, respect ideas or care much for goals. One day we wake up and realize that that teenager planning to travel the world was replaced by a middle-aged individual, caring for an elderly relative, or by a 20-something with an 8-year-old, or someone stricken by a disability. The sports centre is now in decay, abandoned, the swimming pool empty of the slightest drop of water. The pits closed and a whole way of life died away.  

One day we wake up and the life that is has crept by without our awareness.  

“Are we becoming who we thought we were going to be?” 

With this work we seek to invite people to become aware. Without judgement, to take notice of where they are in the present. As individuals, as a city. A little shake of consciences. Welcoming and embracing who they have become. Growing comfortably into their skin. Adjusting. Reframing for the future. Achieving their potential. 



We are very happy to have been selected and given the chance to materialise our concept.

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