If you just spoke a little slower…

Laura is a mother of 5 home-schooled children. She hails from Scotland but, having lived in Yorkshire for the last 10 years, she now finds it hard to understand the accent even of her nan when she goes to visit.

Barbara arrived with Pipa, a 9 year old gorgeous mutt with a little of collie in her and the sweetest temperament. Barbara is from Ireland but when she now visits her children back home, locals mistaken her of a tourist and ask if she’s enjoying her holiday in Ireland. She’s lived in England for some 20 years, where people seem to never miss out on her Irish accent. She recently got a kitten to keep Pipa company.

Andy has worked in a few countries around Europe and even picked up a little French. Nothing much, just enough to get by as long as no one speaks too fast. He feels strongly that everyone should be taught sign language at school so we could all communicate with each other anywhere in the world.

I was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, washing my hands in one of the toilets, when the cleaning-lady started chatting. She was saying something… very fast… with a very thick Yorkshire accent. Cleaning and water splatters where involved, as well as the hand-dryers. She laughed, I laughed, we both smiled and everyone went away happy. (She smiled that I-now-know-you-and-we-had-a-bit-of-a-chat smile when I saw her on my way out of the building).



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