“Oh, rubbish, this is no fun at all!”

Leopold had spent the last 5 hours trying to get it just right – a little curve here, a smooth line just there. He had the drawing of the frame down to a tee, he was sure, so it wasn’t that. He had been working on the depth of the letters for over a month now, so he was pretty sure it wasn’t that, either.

He was keeping the decorative elements to a minimum as he remembered well that time in class where Clarisse got Malcolm to turn into a frog – no one wanted to kiss him to turn him back… and Leopold had gotten the short straw! He definitely knew better than to go heavy on decoration.

So why on earth was his room crowded with miniature sheep!?

“Leopold?” – his mum’s voice from outside the room – I seem to hear a lot of baa coming from behind this door… do you need any help with your assignment?”

“Mum, I just can’t understand why this isn’t working! I would love some help…”

Maureen walked in, gingerly jumping over the flock of tiny sheep that was running around in the room. She was wearing her best deep forest green cape, clearly ready to leave on her way to the Spring Equinox gathering where she was to perform the honours of changing the season.

“Well then, I can see you have been working very hard, she said whilst going through the multiple pages over his desk “let me see… Yes, your frame is perfect, the depth of the letters is absolutely spot on. Your decoration is exquisite, I couldn’t have done it better myself. This is a beautifully calligraphed Spell”

“You see, mum? I can’t understand why it isn’t working!?” – exclaimed an incredibly frustrated Leopold.

In a great effort not to laugh, Maureen pointed out – “Well, my dear, I thought you were trying to conjure a miniature ship?”



“Curious flock of sheep” photo from eu.art.com

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