Your eyes are stinging, your head feels like someone has rested an anvil on it, right in the middle where the two hemispheres of the brain meet, and none of them is working adequately any longer. The pressure descends onto your neck, your shoulders, and this odd trembling sensation starts to run up and down your arms. You think you should go and finish that report that’s a few days late already, but the moment you get up you feel a wave of nausea hit you square. You still marshal on only to realise that of those two pages of data you just read, you can only remember the 1st line. The light from the screen is so bright that your head is now being assaulted by waves of pain and the nausea is getting stronger. Your son asks you something but the effort to make sense of his words seems bigger then what you can cope with right now. You apologise and decide to go to bed. Once you are there, laying in the dark, the pain continues to pulsate through your head, an ache just behind the eyes that doesn’t allow you to fall asleep. You curl up on your side and try to think of holidays. The amount of sensations going through your body is so overwhelming that you can only lay there and allow for it all to come and go.

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