IMG_20181008_221104_980.jpgThere’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’s told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

“Man, can you lower that shit!? I can’t think straight with that guy screaming in my ears!”
“Chill, Julia. What you doing, anyway?”
“I’ve got an exam Friday, I told you.”
“Oh, shit, you are right, I completely forgot. Want a hand?”
“You are totally shit-faced, thank you very much. Otherwise I could have used a hand.”
“Whatever” – having another drag of her spliff. “I can still give you a hand…?” – purring, whilst her hands rest around Julia’s waist.
“Karen, drop it. You know I need to get a pass on this one or I am fucked.”
“You are boring. You’ve just been too busy all the time. Can’t remember the last time we even shared a meal, let alone…”
“Hun, give me a couple of hours to finish revising and I’ll join you, ok?”
Karen puts on her headphones and starts dancing, whilst Julia tries not to see her moving about. After two or three songs she decides to go back to the sofa and roll a cigarette. She walks to the open window and looks out into the sky, the warm breeze from the evening gently creating different shapes and figures with the cigarette’s smoke.
The house they’ve been renting out is quite removed from town, giving them an unrivalled view of the skies. With both at different stages in their astrophysics studies, living out here had been a given from the moment they decided to move in together.
Julia’s hand comes over hers, fingers intertwining, their twin star tattoos overlapped. Julia rests her chin in Karen’s shoulder and follows her gaze, contemplating the stars above.
“I am sorry, Karen. I know I’ve not been around much these past few weeks. I miss you.”
“Shhh… it’s all right.” She nestled her head against Julia’s chest, letting that moment last time without end.

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