On a train – day 1 of #KSYCH

Day one of Kickstart your creative heart with the lovely people at For Books Sake. Prompt was “write a scene that takes place on a train” – in 15 minutes. It takes me longer than that to just think what to write about. So, in 15 minutes today I got to this:


A jolt shacked the carriage violently and Margaret fell face flat on the lap of the woman travelling in front of her.

“What was that?!”



She took a couple of breaths trying to figure out what the heavy weight pinning her down was, whilst around her the cries and shouting calmed down. Her neck twisted, her face towards the window, she realised that the train had come to a standstill.

The weight suddenly left, and she could move again – from the corner of her eye she could see that the guy in the seat behind her was shifting what looked like a heavy backpack away from her.

“Are you all right?” -asked the lady on which lap she had landed

“I think so” – Margaret was lifting herself slowly, picking her book from the floor along the way, her mobile phone somehow wedged between her thighs. – “What’s happened? Why are we not moving?”

Right on cue, the crackling of the speaker and the sound of someone clearing their throat: “Ladies & Gentlemen, I am afraid that there seems to be a car parked right in the middle of the tracks with no one inside… I am afraid we won’t be moving for a while. We’ll come around to make sure that everyone is OK and, in the meantime, please be patient whilst we figure out how to get going again.”

Before starting to write I tried to be organised to make the most of the time, not sure it helped:

Is it a real train? – YES

Is it moving? – NO

Where is it going? – airport? Holidays (as in Christmas, etc)? Work? Home after work? jorney in remote region?

Does that matter? – can add tension, since it is not moving

Who is the protagonist? – woman, early 30s – POV

What is happening? – train is stuck – tree fallen on tracks? Massive big landslide? Animals crossing the tracks? Car parked on tracks?

Whose POV?

Tomorrow there should be more 🙂

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