I understand about life

(I understand about life.)

Last week
I looked at the resting body.

I had known.

(I don’t assume that I understand life.)

He had been gently laid

(But, I understand about life.)

His long frame covered by a thin sheet and blanket

His long arms
stretched along his body
his larger-than-life hands
thinned down by months of illness

still conveying
the force
the anima

his spirit.

( How it goes about giving us hope
filling us with joy

Flowers laid down on the bed
next to his leg,
a small wooden cross
in the palm of his left hand.

(How it
wrecks us with pain
makes us wish never
to have been born, how
it pulls us inside out
sprawls our
all over the pavement.)

I stand there
hold my husband’s arm,
he grieves the passing.

I try to take in all the details,
already missing his booming voice.

Trying to understand about

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