I understand about life

(I understand about life.) Last week I looked at the resting body. Someone I had known. (I don’t assume that I understand life.) He had been gently laid (But, I understand about life.) His long frame covered by a thin sheet and blanket His long arms stretched along his bodyhis larger-than-life hands thinned down by... Continue Reading →

I am not as I was

I had been thinking for some time that something was wrong with me. I remember myself as someone who has travelled to far away countries on their own. Someone that would be the last leaving the party, finish work and go straight out to be with people.  That would spend the weekends out – day... Continue Reading →

Every picture… #KSYCH day 7

His eyes, a clear steel-blue, dragged you in into the fear, loneliness and suffering of being. The geometry of his face was made of strong hard lines that told tales of loss and pain, so deep that you could lose yourself in them. But you couldn’t avoid coming back to those eyes and to the... Continue Reading →

Theme park – #KSYCH day 4

"Matt, seriously? Candy floss?!" - Jess looked from the cloud of sugar to Matt's face and couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes - "and you're wearing some of those ears?! "Mmmm" - replied a widely grinning Matt, mouth covered inside and out with a sticky pink mess. "Well, if you're all sorted, can we... Continue Reading →

Back to school – day 2 of #KSYCH

“Crap, crap, crap. I’m late! I’m going to be in so much trouble!” Jamie was running down the corridor, rows of silver lockers flashing past him, trying to remember what class he was meant to be having. He’d been so caught up with his computer science’s project he didn’t hear the bell and was now... Continue Reading →

On a train – day 1 of #KSYCH

Day one of Kickstart your creative heart with the lovely people at For Books Sake. Prompt was "write a scene that takes place on a train" - in 15 minutes. It takes me longer than that to just think what to write about. So, in 15 minutes today I got to this: Screeeeeeech! A jolt... Continue Reading →

Day 14…

I've fallen a bit behind and today's story tries to bring together Whale, Clock and Guarded. Maggie run up the hill as fast as she could. Breath heaving, lungs burning, legs aching, she kept pushing and pushing. It was the highest hill in the village, the perfect location for their strongest protective spell to be... Continue Reading →


Nevil has been sensing that something is just not right. The days seem emptier, almost insubstantial. His existence feels lighter? Almost as if he is becoming ethereal. He will go through the motions of the morning, only to find little clues that someone has already done them: opening the door to pick the milk bottles... Continue Reading →


There's a starman waiting in the sky He's told us not to blow it Cause he knows it's all worthwhile “Man, can you lower that shit!? I can’t think straight with that guy screaming in my ears!” “Chill, Julia. What you doing, anyway?” “I’ve got an exam Friday, I told you.” “Oh, shit, you are... Continue Reading →

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