Today’s prompt is Flowing, and today is World Mental Health Day. So here goes, trying to get these two together: Planes started flying overhead everyday at 4:30am. A constant string of sound ebbing and flowing but never quite stopping. He would lay in bed for the next few hours, desperately trying to fall back into... Continue Reading →


The eyeball of a chicken is stationary; thus, a chicken must move its head to vary the range of vision. And thus was so in that office – it felt like all the staff had moved their heads in unison to follow Mike as he walked in that morning, as if their eyeballs could not... Continue Reading →


“Oh, rubbish, this is no fun at all!” Leopold had spent the last 5 hours trying to get it just right – a little curve here, a smooth line just there. He had the drawing of the frame down to a tee, he was sure, so it wasn’t that. He had been working on the... Continue Reading →


Scorching sun blazing over his skin, James had fallen deeply asleep the moment he’d gotten to the beach, about 1pm. He’d been out partying the whole night well into the morning but he knew his parents would take exception if he didn’t make an effort to family time. Judie, his mum, was placidly seating under... Continue Reading →


“Mary, common… give us a kiss?” “Jim, drop it.” “Oh, why want you? Only a little kiss?” “I’ve told you a million times already: No.” “Maaary?” “Jim. No.” “What’s a kiss or two amongst friends?!” …. “Please?” A quick brushing of lips on lips, a flicker of the eye would have missed it. Jumping on... Continue Reading →

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