There's a starman waiting in the sky He's told us not to blow it Cause he knows it's all worthwhile “Man, can you lower that shit!? I can’t think straight with that guy screaming in my ears!” “Chill, Julia. What you doing, anyway?” “I’ve got an exam Friday, I told you.” “Oh, shit, you are... Continue Reading →


Your eyes are stinging, your head feels like someone has rested an anvil on it, right in the middle where the two hemispheres of the brain meet, and none of them is working adequately any longer. The pressure descends onto your neck, your shoulders, and this odd trembling sensation starts to run up and down... Continue Reading →


"Judith! Are you sleeping? Judith?" Joel, seating next to Judith, sends a side kick under the table that hits her square in the shin and makes her head jerk up." Sir?" "Judith. You were sleeping" - accusing tone, almost hurt. "No, sir. I can assure you..." - voice trailing off, Judith raised her hand slowly,... Continue Reading →


The eyeball of a chicken is stationary; thus, a chicken must move its head to vary the range of vision. And thus was so in that office – it felt like all the staff had moved their heads in unison to follow Mike as he walked in that morning, as if their eyeballs could not... Continue Reading →


“Oh, rubbish, this is no fun at all!” Leopold had spent the last 5 hours trying to get it just right – a little curve here, a smooth line just there. He had the drawing of the frame down to a tee, he was sure, so it wasn’t that. He had been working on the... Continue Reading →


Scorching sun blazing over his skin, James had fallen deeply asleep the moment he’d gotten to the beach, about 1pm. He’d been out partying the whole night well into the morning but he knew his parents would take exception if he didn’t make an effort to family time. Judie, his mum, was placidly seating under... Continue Reading →


“Mary, common… give us a kiss?” “Jim, drop it.” “Oh, why want you? Only a little kiss?” “I’ve told you a million times already: No.” “Maaary?” “Jim. No.” “What’s a kiss or two amongst friends?!” …. “Please?” A quick brushing of lips on lips, a flicker of the eye would have missed it. Jumping on... Continue Reading →


There was a poisonous atmosphere at the gathering. The VI Gathering of Herpetologists had started quite well, with John presenting the results of his latest research into the effects of atomised vipers venom delivered by way of a small spray. Unfortunate that his atomising machine had broken half way into the presentation and started releasing... Continue Reading →

Are you becoming

Halfway through 6 weeks in Wakefield. What is in a place? Does a place make you or do you make the place? Moving out from where you have been for such a long time (12 years in London) does that undo you? Do you lose your sense of self when you lose all your routines and... Continue Reading →

If you just spoke a little slower…

Laura is a mother of 5 home-schooled children. She hails from Scotland but, having lived in Yorkshire for the last 10 years, she now finds it hard to understand the accent even of her nan when she goes to visit. Barbara arrived with Pipa, a 9 year old gorgeous mutt with a little of collie... Continue Reading →

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