Talking the plunge

When I hear the word “plunge”, comes to mind a hot sun, a swimming pool, a book and good company.

Early in 2018 swapping London for Wakefield, West Yorkshire, right in the centre of the UK, this could not be further from the truth. But that is all well and good as the plunge I am about to take is more fruitful, more rewarding and more lasting (and will hopefully lead to more of the former plunges as well!).

Having been pursuing my passions as a sideline, this year I am turning my life around on its head, a whole 180 degrees change in priorities and focus.

That creative plunge will follow my adventures as I explore Culture, Art, Literature, Food, lots of Baking, Community and Nourishing ways.

My name is Alexandra, I was born in the summer of 1975, in Lisbon, Portugal. I have had several lives as life as seen fit. Let’s see where this new one will take me.



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